Cloud Computing’s Crucial Role During And After COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has magnified the importance of cloud-based technologies, since on-premise workloads have shifted to a virtual environment.

Although most of the world is slowly coming out of coronavirus pandemic lockdown, news are not so optimistic about an end to the COVID-19 outbreak any time soon, scientist and health care professionals are expecting another wave of new outbreaks all over the world shortly. Since all started all industries were forced to reinvent how to work, learn, help, engage and socialized.

Many factors are driving businesses to choose cloud solutions; ones are doing it to gain computing power, others to lower cost. But far from any benefit at all, companies migrate to facilitate organizational change in ways that only the cloud can offer. Cloud computing has played a crucial role in enabling businesses and governments to quickly apply solutions to respond to the crisis and maintain continuity.

It is a fact that “The Cloud” has been a vital asset to business operations, allowing enterprises big and small to operate remotely without interruptions. To understand a bit more the importance of cloud computing, every time you use an APP on your smartphone, tablet or a web application, you (without even knowing it) are in touch with multiple clouds; rapidly, the Cloud is becoming the new invisible power that steer many of the IT systems and Apps that we consume on a daily basis. We need to acknowledge the importance of Cloud computing during and after coronavirus pandemic, aside from the benefits of healthcare and education industries that it has represented, the Cloud played an important role when used to facilitate 3D printing of critical respiratory equipment that could be used by hospitals that were running low on this vital equipment.

From the looks of it, the crisis is far from ending in the months to come. As a company or business owner you need to be prepared, since “the Cloud” is the future choosing a reliable provider is the next step to ensure your livelihood. GPIEX provides premium network interconnection services and operates several carriers and data center-neutral Internet Exchanges internationally; we also offer Managed Cloud Peering that utilizes multiple Peering Exchanges and optimizes custom routes for best connectivity. GPIEX services are one of a kind, delivering reliable solutions at accessible prices.

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