Advantages Of Cloud Computing For Small Businesses

Discover all the benefits behind cloud-based solutions for your small business.

Cloud technology has brought new opportunities for small businesses. Small to medium organizations are the backbone of any country’s economy. These entities are the main source of job opportunities for most citizens and at the same time are the ones that promote growth as well as innovation.

Cloud computing provides access to business data and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any desktop or mobile device. This flexibility adds exceptional value to an organization of any size, but in case of small businesses, the advantages can be greater.

When talking about small to medium companies, the Cloud gives them the chance to compete on a global scale with a large competitive edge at reasonable prices. Here at GPIEX, we will highlight the main benefits of cloud-based solutions for your small business:

  • Ease of use and access.
  • Expected cost reduction in running the IT infrastructure.
  • Better alignment of IT resources.
  • Scalability of environment without a huge capital expenditure.
  • Speed enhancements on the overall system.
  • Build-in disaster recovery capabilities and expertise.
  • Communication enhancements.
  • Improved resilience and security.

Today, that we are still suffering from the sequels of COVID-19 pandemic; bringing your business infrastructure into cloud-based solutions make it easier to keep functioning during times of crisis and/or to shift your team to remote operations. Overall, cloud computing saves time and money by boosting productivity, promoting innovation and encouraging collaboration, since businesses using this approach have access to information anywhere with any device.

Cloud connectivity using public internet has many challenges, especially when it comes to speed and reliability. When you experience downtime or latency, it can negatively impact operations and business performance. Luckily, there are other ways in which you can connect to the cloud and it’s through peering connections.

GPIEX offers managed cloud peering services that combine the simplicity and flexibility of internet access, with the quality and reliability that usually only dedicated private connections can provide. As a result, you will experience high availability and more responsive applications that will boost your business productivity and performance. Discover all the benefits of cloud-based solutions for your small business with GPIEX managed cloud peering services.

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