Multiple VPC Peering Connections

Multiple VPC Peering Connections

A VPC peering connection is a one to one relationship between two VPCs. You can create multiple VPC peering connections for each VPC that you own, but transitive peering relationships are not supported. You do not have any peering relationship with VPCs that your VPC is not directly peered with.

The following diagram is an example of one VPC peered to two different VPCs. There are two VPC peering connections: VPC A is peered with both VPC B and VPC C. VPC B and VPC C are not peered, and you cannot use VPC A as a transit point for peering between VPC B and VPC C. If you want to enable routing of traffic between VPC B and VPC C, you must create a unique VPC peering connection between them.

Direct Cloud

Make money with the cloud: fast, simple, cost-effective

At select locations, GPIEX provides private access to cloud service providers. This means you can use your existing access to GPIEX connect to several cloud service providers; just via an additional VLAN.


Your benefits

Using GPIEX to connect to multiple cloud service providers will broaden your existing services and connections to increase your profits. You even get access for your enterprise customers to niche cloud service providers.
To offer your customers access to more than one cloud service provider, you usually have to negotiate with different cloud service providers. This is time and money you can save by connecting via GPIEX.
Accessing several cloud service providers via your existing GPIEX access means less cross connect costs. Your return on investment will grow due to less infrastructure costs in the data centers.
Direct Cloud is available at all GPIEX enabled sites. This leaves you free in your choice of data center and you can also build up redundant setups by getting connected in more than one data center.
The connection can be available very fast. It is just a matter of configuration if you are already connected to one of the exchanges where the Direct Cloud service is available.
If you are not connected yet, we can get your access to the Direct Cloud service up and running within a few days.

Available cloud service providers

Currently, the following cloud services are accessible through GPIEX (depending on location):