GPIEX provides premium network interconnection services and operates several carrier and data center neutral interconnection platforms in North America.

In a digital age, your business possibilities have no limits and neither should your IT. Your customers, employees and partners are dispersed over more geographic locations, processing more data, using a multitude of devices and expecting more than ever. To succeed, you need to build your digital infrastructure where it can scale to match your opportunities.

In order to understand the concept and benefits of an Internet Exchange (IX or sometimes IXP – Internet Exchange Point), understanding the underlying concept of the Internet is very helpful.
There is no single organization that is the unique and ultimate source of the Internet. The Internet is built by every carrier, ISP and network operator offering Internet access – hence why it is often referred to as ‘the network of networks’.
In order for the Internet to work in the manner we are all used to, all those individual carriers, ISPs and network operators need to exchange data, or, put it another way, grant others access to their network. That access is either agreed on a payment basis – for transit/upstream – or on a cost neutral basis, otherwise known as peering.
In order for peering to work efficiently, Internet Exchanges offer a neutral local network where any carrier, ISP or network operator can connect and exchange traffic. The IX uses switching equipment to build the local network, by placing equipment in existing carrier neutral data centers – sometimes in more than one location for redundancy purposes, and uses dark fiber to interconnect those locations.


  • Extremely cost-effective compared with IP Transit.
  • Better performance reliability and reduced latency.
  • Admittance to GPEIX‘S repository of peering contacts and policies by company.
  • Assistance from the GPEIX peering community on establishing peering.
  • Disaster recovery for your connections at other exchange locations.


  • A router with access into a GPEIX Internet Exchange enabled data center.
  • All participants must have an Autonomous System Number ('ASN').
  • All participants must follow GPEIX ‘S Acceptable Use Policy and our Terms of Use.


The GPEIX is managed with 24/7 on-site expertise accessible by accessing the GPEIX PORTAL to open a trouble ticket.

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