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The Impact of IoT In Our Everyday Life

IoT technologies are rapidly emerging as one of the most relevant and most important breakthroughs of mankind. The internet is widely considered as the greatest invention known to man. Through it, we can connect over vast distances, over oceans and continents, with people and businesses. Even so, the internet is a platform, a stage where…
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The Secret to Driving True Digital Transformation

As we move into the future, no person or business will ever be the same. There’s no denying the role of digital technology in our new normality. In the face of adversity, it was the responsibility of all businesses facing this and any future pandemic to grow and adapt to changes. The following adaptation came…
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All You Need to Know About VoIP Optimized Routing

Improve the quality of your voice-based calls with GPIEX’s VoIP optimized routing. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are a set of standards that were approved in 1995 and that work over the internet. They enable voice-based phone calls that are conducted over the internet. If you’ve ever made a voice call to someone by using…
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Multi-Purpose Solutions with GPIEX’s CDN Optimized Routing

GPIEX's CDN Optimized Routing is the next step in CDN networks, providing unparalleled speed to your network servers.  Have you ever experienced any lag when you enter a website? Have you ever decided to go into an online store and lost all interest because of how slow their website loaded? This “lag” (slow loading time)…
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