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The Future of IT Infrastructure is Multi-Cloud

Discover the benefits behind hybrid services to increase your organization's productivity. As the internet made its way into our lives, little did we know how much it would affect our daily routines. There’s very little we do now-a-days that doesn’t involve some sort of internet connection. The internet has become an environment of its own,…
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Democratization of Technology

In a world surrounded by challenges, technology has the power to change lives. Technology is a fantastic tool. The late Carl Sagan once said, “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology”, a phrase which is too true. Imagine a world without computers, microwaves, television or cellphones. Now, stop imagining; unfortunately, this…
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What are the Key Benefits of Peering Exchange?

Connect to hundreds of networks around the globe in a single place with GPIEX powerful solutions. The IT world is filled with many confusing terms. These terms are often as dense and varied as the environment that surrounds them. For example, Peering, at first glance, sounds like a reference to individuals that belong to the…
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How To Define A Smart City?

Smart cities are no longer an abstract concept of the future, but rather a thriving present for mankind. In 1937 the very first computer was invented which was a huge breakthrough. Then, in 1974 came the invention of the internet and since then many other great technological achievements have come to benefit mankind, like in…
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