All You Need to Know About VoIP Optimized Routing

Improve the quality of your voice-based calls with GPIEX’s VoIP optimized routing.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are a set of standards that were approved in 1995 and that work over the internet. They enable voice-based phone calls that are conducted over the internet. If you’ve ever made a voice call to someone by using any of the available texting apps on your phone, you’re using VoIP. To say that these protocols have revolutionized our communication with other people is an understatement; especially during this pandemic quarantine that is forcing us to telecommute (work from home).   

So how does VoIP work? To start of with, a VoIP system is technology that makes phone calls over your mobile data or WiFi signal. No copper wires from a phone line required. The VoIP system converts your voice into signals that are carried over the internet. Once they reach their destination, these signals are converted to voice again. 

For a business, especially in this day and age, it is highly beneficial to hire the services of a VoIP provider. While you can still use your phones to access VoIP, some companies prefer to avoid the little security that phone apps provide and opt to hire the secure services of a provider. Not only that, but because VoIP providers have private networks, there’s less chance of them experiencing a crash; unlike the recent six-hour social media mishap during this past week.

Even through the benefits of internet speed, lagging (slow response time) can be a real issue, especially when two persons are oceans apart. To improve the already high-speed velocities of VoIP communications, a managed service provider can introduce VoIP optimized routing. This feature allows you too access your provider’s peering service, which increases your response time several levels over. Peering is a term used to describe the ability to connect the information traffic of two separate internet networks. Because these networks are sharing their load, their speeds greatly increase. With these types of peering solutions, your VoIP system will undeniably reach the quality standards that you deserve. 

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