The Secret to Driving True Digital Transformation

As we move into the future, no person or business will ever be the same. There’s no denying the role of digital technology in our new normality.

In the face of adversity, it was the responsibility of all businesses facing this and any future pandemic to grow and adapt to changes. The following adaptation came to be in the form of a technological revolution. Indeed, we had to adapt to using new digital and technological tools. Not only that, it seems to be that the biggest leaps in technology have happened in our quarantine situation and afterwards. Not only is everyone, young and old, communicating through digital means, we are even on the verge of space tourism. There are many companies that adapted quickly to the change. It is important to note what characteristics they had in common.

A Perception of the Problem

The first true step into a digital transformation was understanding how this pandemic would affect the way in which we conduct businesses. It was a harsh blow to any economy to realize that their work force would be stopped in its tracks. Because of social distancing, working environments became desolated. This drove many businesses to conduct their transactions through the internet. Cloud peering became a necessity as many companies needed quick access to their data from their remote working stations. Because cloud peering became an excellent choice for experienced companies and newcomers, VPC peering and procedures also saw a rise in popularity. Even VoIP routing, which enables companies to keep in touch through voice calls, saw a major rise in demand. Seems logical as the need to maintain constant and efficient communication became a necessity. 

Opportunities from Adversity  

Companies that are currently thriving saw the pandemic problem as an opportunity to change. They understood that it was in their best interest (for the future) to adopt new and modern methods of business. Not only did they decide to rise to the occasion, they also found a healthy source of service providers that would guide them through the update process. Among those offered services was peering. Peering providers allow for multiple access points to internet networks. Uniting two networks together, they’re not only lowering the load on each of them, they are also increasing the speed and connectivity offered to the users inside those networks. So, companies benefited from their new found internet speed and quick access; which became essential to maintain their communication. 

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Successful companies also understood that while these new business transactions models are temporary, they are necessary to adapt to future uncertainties. They are aware that they need to stay ahead of the curve in order to stay at the top of their fields. One future tendency relates to using remote working hands to perform maintenance on equipment and cloud storage. Managed cloud peering is one of those tendencies in which the provider offers the staff to maintain cloud peering services at their maximum capacity. 

Overall, the main characteristics of successful companies are intimately related to how well they understand their environment, and how well they can adapt the technological tools in the market to make their jobs easier. True digital transformation will naturally happen once we understand how technology can make our live easier and more enjoyable for our customers. GPIEX can provide the perfect environment for your individual or business digital transformation, with reliable and lightning fast connections anywhere and any time, we give you a fighting chance on a never ending changing world!

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