Multi-Purpose Solutions with GPIEX’s CDN Optimized Routing

GPIEX's CDN Optimized Routing is the next step in CDN networks, providing unparalleled speed to your network servers. 

Have you ever experienced any lag when you enter a website? Have you ever decided to go into an online store and lost all interest because of how slow their website loaded? This “lag” (slow loading time) is probably because the website you’re trying to enter is hosted somewhere very far from you. By “hosted” we mean that the content of the website is saved in a computer that is very far away. These hosting computers are called servers, and the farther away a server is, the more time it takes for information to get to you. If the server happens to be on the other side of the globe, it won’t matter if you’re enjoying your ultra-fast 5G internet, it’ll still take some time for the information to reach you.   

This lag time is big concern for online stores and their IT (technology) department. Studies have shown that even small lag times in your website can cause great losses to your business. It just happens to be that your customers leave before finishing any transaction. This is why reducing lag times is one of the most prominent IT challenges for any company.

As a solution to the great distances that may sometimes separate a website and a customer, Content Delivery Networks have emerged. A CDN is a group of computers that are geographically closer to your customers. Each computer (server) in these network stores little pieces of information from your website. As your customers enter your site and start making requests, each server starts delivering whatever information they have stored; these pieces of information normally include pictures, videos, JavaScript, etc. By using a CDN, the loading speed of your website greatly increases; because each server is delivering small amounts of information, and all servers are working at the same time. The saying “two heads are better than one” can be translated here as “two servers are better than one”. Each server is actively loading whatever your customers demand from them, and because they are located closer to the request, there is no lagging time.  

We, at GPIEX, go further than that. We are a peering service provider. By peering, we mean that we are able to connect two internet networks together. These two networks share their information traffic. By doing so, they reduce their load (how much information passes through them) and increase their speed. We call this CDN optimized routing, and by adding as many peering exchange points as needed, we can greatly increase the connectivity of your servers and your customer experience. We are also a managed service provider, which means that we take care of all equipment maintenance for you. This allows you to not only focus on your business, but to increase productivity as well. As you’re reading this, CDNs are actively evolving and are more than capable to provide multi-purpose solutions for your business.

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