A Remarkable Video Conferencing Experience With GPIEX

COVID-19 has changed beyond recognition the way we do business, after everything went virtual the demand for network resources sky rocketed.

The quarantine forced a working from home environment that has been a challenge not only employees, but for companies overall. No one was prepared for it and in order to survive companies around the world had to adapt quickly to such changes. One of the most important challenges to overcome was keeping communications fluent; and many institutions turn to video conferencing apps to solve this issue. The most popular app that is being use not just for its simplicity but also versatility is ZOOM.

This is a video conferencing software app, which allows you to virtually interact with employees or co-workers when it is impossible to do so physically. During the quarantine time ZOOM has rapidly become an essential tool for businesses big and small, since it allows teams to stay connected and continue their workflow with minimal disruption. The app has many features that are very attractive not only to companies, but for individuals as well, like live chat, video or audio conferencing, it lets you record your sessions to view later among others. Zoom app has a desktop and phone interface, as well as a free and paid version. As any other video conferencing or streaming platform for this app to work efficiently with no latency, it needs a powerful service provider.

GPIEX has the right infrastructure for video conferencing app like ZOOM to run smoothly. We provide premium network interconnection services and operate several carrier and data center neutral interconnection platforms in North America. Your customers, employees and partners are dispersed over more geographic locations, processing more data, using a multitude of devices and expecting more than ever. To succeed, you need to build your digital infrastructure where it can scale to match your opportunities; stay connected with GPIEX solutions where your network resources are unmatched.

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