What You Need To Know About 5G Networks?

Perhaps you hear a lot about 5G but how much you know about it, here at GPIEX we tell you all about it.

The 5th generation of mobile networks, an evolution of today’s 4G LTE networks is what is known as 5G.  It will provide the speed, low latency and connectivity to enable a new generation of applications, services and business opportunities that have not been seen before. Companies worldwide are racing to have the largest 5G networks and many countries are competing to be the first to deploy fully functional, 5G solutions. Why the rush? Well, because the benefits found in this new technology are expected to power life-changing new technologies, not just for consumers but also for businesses, infrastructure and defense applications.

The country that leads in the deployment of 5G could gain an edge in rolling out these future technologies and any work on 5G will contribute to countries controlling key intellectual property that will influence the development of future wireless technologies.

5G networks brings three new important aspects to the table: bigger channels (to speed up data), lower latency (to be more responsive), and the ability to connect a lot more devices at once (for sensors and smart devices). 5G networks and services will be deployed in stages over the next several years to meet the increasing demand on mobile and internet-enabled devices.

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