Understanding Micro Data Center Solutions

The more you know about IT solutions, the best choices you can make when it comes to satisfying your business necessities.

Today there are so many hosting and colocation solutions available in the market that is hard to keep up, but the more you know about the services out there, the better choices you can make to suit your business needs. Since those needs are constantly changing and evolving, so are the solutions to meet them. When you hear the word Data Center, the first thing that comes to your head is a huge building full of cabinets, servers and IT hardware.

A micro data center (MCD) on the other hand, is a small version of a conventional data center. It can also be best described as pre-designed, scaled-down data center that includes almost the same components as a typical one like: fire suppression technology, security, cooling, power, IT equipment etc. all integrated into one or more cabinet-size units.

Due to its pre-built design, a micro data center can quickly be deployed into an existing data center space. Its versatile capabilities also represent a great solution for remote locations or high risk areas, since it can withstand harsh conditions, allowing organizations to solve the low-latency data processing and storage challenge in a cost-effective way.

Micro data centers are often used for edge computing, to bring computing resources closer to end users, also they give businesses the ability to scale up or down as needed. One thing is for sure, micro data centers are a solutions that came to stay, since they can reduce costs, and with its standardize and pre-built design can be deploy almost anywhere.

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