How To Interconnect With GPIEX

[featured-img] GPIEX or Global Peering Internet Exchange is a company that provides premium network interconnection services and also it operates several carrier and data center neutral internet exchange internationally. One example of our services is the VOIP optimized routing, this stands for voice over internet protocol. VOIP in other words this is a phone service…
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Síminn (Iceland Telecom) Joins GPIEX

Síminn (Iceland Telecom), previously named Landssíminn, is an Icelandic telecommunications company. It offers communication services for both private and corporate clients, including mobile, home phones, Internet connections and television.
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Direct Connections Aren’t Created Equal

A Direct Connection is a peer to peer file sharing protocol. This is a text-based computer protocol in which commands and their information are sent in clear text, without encryption. In other words, a direct connection is when your device is continually connected to the internet; you are able to access internet using a browser,…
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