GPIEX Is Now A Direct Peer With WCFIBER

WCFIBER is maintained by a Technology cooperative that has been in business for over 65 years. Proud to offer the best, fastest, and most reliable high-speed internet, HD TV, and Voice Services. Internet service is delivered through fiber optics cables ensuring that the services is future proof, with the ability to adapt to the highly increasing demands of technology.

As a cooperative, WCFIBER strives to keep a high quality of services while keeping affordable prices. Developing proper packages designed to meet business’s needs.  Additional benefits include: free installation of the wireless router, connection to all your devices, password protect your wireless network, and receive assistance from our help desk which provides technical support for setup and will also help you add additional devices to your wireless network.

No doubt GPIEX continues to provide the best connectivity through multiple peering exchanges. Customers can now benefit from WCFIBER and all its features included throughout a shorter route and a highly connectivity with GPIEX.  Adapting technology, updating our network to meet your business requirements and providing the best solutions regardless of size or type.

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