Peering Basics: Public vs. Private Peering

Internet service providers everywhere are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs associated with providing internet service. Establishing peering is one way of reducing transit cost and increasing performance. To establish these connections, two networks need to be connected with one another either as public peering or private peering. Let´s analyze the two. Public Peering –…
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Cost Efficient Peering Management

In computer networking, peering is a process in which two networks connect and exchange traffic. Basically is when one internet network connects to another directly, enabling a faster throughput and exchange of information. No additional charges are incurred and no third-party network is required. To set up peering with another network, you need to negotiate…
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Direct Link Colocation: Is it Faster and by How Much?

One of the challenges that many costumers face is to choose the type of connection that they need. For companies is not just about how fast the data is transfer but also about privacy and security. Removing this last two things from the equation the options are between direct, private or standard internet connections; the…
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