GPIEX is Now Peering with Uniti Fiber

Uniti Fiber is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions, including cell site backhaul and small cell for wireless operators, and Ethernet, Wavelengths and Dark Fiber for telecom carriers and enterprises. Whether the challenge is improving network reach and quality, increasing capacity or maintaining cost certainty for the future, Uniti Fiber delivers a custom-designed, technology- and access-agnostic solution.

Connectivity begins with Uniti Fiber, a team of experts with dedication and customers focus to provide a variety of network connectivity options in lower-tier and rural markets.

Uniti Fiber is committed to deliver reliable, scalable and affordable network solutions across the country. A complete custom network solution, offering a comprehensive plan for each of our customers’ unique requirements.

GPIEX a global peering managed services provider, can provide one hop connection to Uniti Fiber’s network. Making it easier for customer to enjoy instantly all Uniti Fiber services. Together, they continue to build frame to provide that critical communications infrastructure needed to seamlessly connect the world. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to connect.

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