GPIEX is Now Peering with Salesforce

In 1999, Salesforce pioneered cloud-based CRM software and have helped 150,000+ companies run their companies more effectively. Creating an economy that will help millions of people find career satisfaction and enjoy better lives as well.

Now, Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Customer Relationship Management helps companies understand their customers' needs and solve problems by better managing customer information and interactions all on a single platform that’s always accessible from any desktop or device.

Get consistent ground-breaking innovation and advanced services to help businesses find the best path. Help your business grow, on a single, secure and scalable platform that’s easy to customize and upgrade. Create the experience employees need to sell faster and get more done with Salesforce’s Lightning Platform. Proven to drive efficiency and growth, this suite of market-leading products both increases revenues and decreases costs.

With the help of GPIEX customers can now reach their business goals faster. Implementing smart solutions to create a strong foundation for your company’s digital future. Together, committed to build a more sustainable future for all. GPIEX direct peering connection with Salesforces, lets customers take advantage of innovative new features, making service more personalized. One access and customized route that’s, how close your business is to start enjoying Salesforce advanced services.

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