ORICOM INTERNET has carved out a choice place for itself among the Internet access giants, since its foundation in 1995. The company puts a great deal of effort into diversifying the services it offers its residential and business clients.

ORICOM INTERNET is a distributor of multi-platform internet and telephone services. We offer all the data transfer technologies available on the market. Customers can choose an option that best suits their business. Connected to all data transfer networks. Cable, DSL, fiber optics, wireless and dial-up access enable us to adapt to your specific business and residential needs.

Transparency for greater peace of mind, no future surprises and no hidden fees. All clients receive unparalleled service. Wireless connection, dual connection, hosting, data center and IP telephony: ORICOM INTERNET retains its position as leader by continually improving and diversifying its services.

GPIEX has join this expansion, prioritizing and helping ORICOM INTERNET deliver an outstanding service. No limits get total access throughout the number one cost-effective network, GPIEX. Constantly providing premium network interconnection services so your business can fully get what it deserves. Making life easier by helping our customers set up their Web site. Save time and energy by having us. Whether you are connected to our network or not, regardless of the region, country or continent you are in, your GPIEX IP address works everywhere.

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