GPIEX is Now Peering with NYC Mesh

NYC Mesh the new way to connect to the internet. Delivering fast, affordable and fair access to the internet, just what members need.  NYC Mesh connects apartments, small businesses, schools and entire buildings to the Internet using wireless routers and fibers. Having specialized gear to keep network running even through emergencies.

Maintaining and growing NYC Mesh wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated peering connection. That’s were GPIEX comes in, with perfect skill sets to help, contribute and take the lead. We are a network community delivering highspeed reliable internet at a low-cost.

We aim to grow our community in a sustainable and inclusive way for the benefit of all our members. Our members are contributors to our community, not customers, consumers or users. Being a member of our network has many benefits, including replacing your current ISP with fast, neutral, affordable, and Internet access. Businesses are free to join or connect to NYC Mesh throughout our global peering managed services provider, GPIEX.

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