GPIEX is Now Peering with INFONAS

Infonas a leading global carrier that provides international and local telecommunications services. Established over a decade and proven to track record designing first-rate telecommunications solutions to any size business. A team that has worked hard over the years to successfully plan and deploy the world-class, fully redundant infrastructure which can be use today. Top-grade equipment to ensure a dedicated and tailored solutions that are individually designed for the need of our clients.

Infonas delivers high performance, throughout their terrestrial-based DWDM fiber network and known to be a leader in their field. Their premium customer service always delivers, reliability coupled with innovative, pioneering solutions for all our clients.

All these to fulfill our customers telecommunication necessities. Therefore, Infonas has a well-established partnership with GPIEX which extends the reach globally. To ensure that our customer’s organizations will receive the highest levels of service and 24/7/365 support.

Infonas most trusted peering connection GPIEX makes it possible for customers to be confident that their requirements will always be readily available with the lowest possible latency. Constantly working hand and hand to provide the highest performance on the market and a fully redundant infrastructure with a guaranteed 99.99% connectivity.

Infonas’s tailored solutions throughout GPIEX are guaranteed to be cost-effective, determined to provide efficient, smart solutions and exceptional results. Without a doubt your business deserves the best, so contact us today to find out how GPIEX can provide a reliable and suitable solution.

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