GPIEX is Now Peering with Atlantic Metro

Atlantic Metro delivers a comprehensive, integrated platform. This platform includes cloud hosting, data center colocation and access to their nationwide network backbone. All supported by 24/7 monitoring and management. With Atlantic Metro you can establish high speed, secure connectivity, giving your business everything, it needs to be responsive and cost-effective. Delivering custom-tailored IT solutions according to each of our costumer’s business necessities.

Atlantic Metro’s robust nationwide network and peering partner GPIEX, allow the route traffic through multiple diverse paths, minimizing packet loss and avoiding network congestion. In fact, GPIEX makes it easy to establish this dedicated custom routing connection, which improves your latency. Additionally, Atlantic Metro’s skilled network technicians are available 24/7 to ensure a healthy and secure network.

This connectivity services from Atlantic Metro provided through GPIEX will maximum scalability, security and control. Our customers can now ensure a reliable network access and prevent potential downtime. GPIEX makes it possible for your business to start enjoying Atlantic Metro’s multiple services through a cost-effective interconnection.

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