GPIEX is Now Peering with 1&1 IONOS

1&1 IONOS was born with the main aim of making information technology easy for everyone to understand and use. Committed to delivering a powerful, reliable and secure product since 1988. Enabling millions of users to get online, build up their web presence, and take advantage of increasingly more updated and sophisticated digital services. Throughout the years, 1&1 IONOS combined mass-market hosting with years of experience to build servers tailored for cloud applications. Positioning as the provider of world-class hosting solutions and largest domain registrar in Europe.  Then integrated cloud-based digitization applications and tools into its offering, enabling businesses of any size to safely and simply take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

1&1 IONOS has continued its mission with GPIEX, to make technology work for everyone, and to deliver the best of cloud computing. A powerful network that delivers optimal performance and georedundancy. Customers are our focus. That is why we not only have dedicated local support teams, but we also offer an industry first: a personal consultant who provides expert advice tailored to your needs.

GPIEX continues to work hand in hand with 1&1 IONOS to help businesses scale up, building an online presence by securing a domain, building a website, moving back-office processes to the cloud, or orchestrating a container cluster, our comprehensive portfolio offers a best-in-class app, server, or service.

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