GPIEX Is Now A Direct Peer With Pilot Fiber

Pilot is a team of passionate people, providing real solutions to offices in need of fast, reliable service. Pilot's progressive fiber technology changes the game for business internet. Get up to 200x faster connectivity than traditional ISPs. Team Pilot never stops working for you, from installation to routine service check-ins, everyone on your Pilot team is dedicated to keeping you happy and moving. They are called INTERNET EXPERTS endlessly available to help troubleshoot internet challenges and connect you with the resources you need to optimize your Pilot connection.

Pilot loves working with the most innovative companies. GPIEX has now a peering connection with Pilot, to properly manage our network and be on top anything that our customers need. Pilot is always keeping businesses moving at the speeds they need.

The connections from Pilot through GPIEX are dedicated for every single customer, meaning your bandwidth is never shared and entirely reserved for you. Honoring our commitment to customers with a 100% uptime guarantee, proactive network monitoring with notifications and the fastest response time. All that and much more with the most reliable Global Peering Managed Services Provider, GPIEX.

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