GPIEX Is Now A Direct Peer With Pavlov Media

Building great networks since 1990. Pavlov Media is constantly expanding on a national fiber optic backbone that connects hundreds of MDU communities in more than 40 states. Specializing in private networks designed, constructed and operated by a team of dedicated professionals from the multifamily real estate industry. Adding value to properties and business by delivering products that enhance customer satisfaction and protect assets. We’ve built a robust network and we’re continuously finding new ways to bring users, simply exceptional connections nationwide.

Pavlov Media truly believes it takes true courage and faith to change the world. And for that they have teamed up with GPIEX, taking the best shot at creating a better internet. Having the skills, abilities and experience to serve customers. Developing cutting edge ways to bring very high-speed Internet to residents. A team, of brilliant minds working diligently to find new ways to bring you services that are even faster and more advanced. GPIEX along with Pavlov Media make a true difference and stand out from the competition. Throughout the years, Pavlov Media continues to be the nation’s largest private provider of internet and video services.

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