GPIEX Is Now A Direct Peer With Hammer Fiber

Hammer Fiber is a telecommunications company; founded in 2014 based out of New Jersey. Hammer Fiber recognized a need for a change in the way that television, internet and phone services were delivered. As a mission to offer quality services capable of capitalizing on the full potential of the age of the internet.

Hammer Fiber’s internet services ensure that subscribers get all the bandwidth that they need to run all their applications, while phone services keep our users connected. By bringing new wireless technology to New Jersey, Hammer Fiber can deliver high quality broadband internet access to customers so that they make take full advantage of our television, internet and home phone services. Offering a complement of television services based around IPTV technology, VoIP phone solutions and a unique internet model, Hammer Fiber is poised to achieve its vision in New Jersey and beyond.

Hammer Fiber is aligning themselves with GPIEX, to embrace this mission as their core competency and focusing on technologies and investments that strive to offer quality services capable of capitalizing on the full potential of entertainment and communication while maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction. They are constantly working hard to bring the next generation of home entertainment and communications to their users  with cutting edge technology that integrates all their devices into their own personal network that travels with them, and delivers service and content when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. Don’t limit yourself, instead enjoy all features Hammer Fiber has to offer through GPIEX.

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