GPIEX Is Now A Direct Peer With Claro S.A.

Claro S.A. provides telecommunications services in Brazil and internationally. The company offers voice, text, data, image, pay TV, and other services, as well as satellite capacity services. It also provides data communication and Internet services; operates data center; and imports and sells equipment. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in São Paulo, Brazil. Easily upgrading services according to the needs of your enterprise. Offering a wide variety of high tech connectivity options equipped with exceptional upload and download speeds to meet the demands of your ever-growing business.

No matter what size business you run, GPIEX peering connections with Claro S.A., provide options and opportunity to meet unique business’s necessities. Allowing you to more efficiently use your resources, helping your company save and be more productive. Flexible and scalable peering solutions that allow you to grow in accordance with your company’s requirements.

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